New Features for NHL 2K7

When we first sampled the next-generation version of NHL 2K7 this past May at E3, very few details about its new features were discovered. Sure, we learned of the developer's plans to allow for shadow assignments (re: the ability to tag AI players to follow specific opponents) and that it will have more cinematic camera angles, but other than that, we weren't given a real sense of what to expect. After a few months of silence, however, 2K Sports has revealed a number of new gameplay components that provides hockey fans with a much clearer picture

kamino776284d ago

The best sport in the world deserves the best game. Duke it out EA & 2K !

kab1326283d ago

As a huge hockey fan I was extremely disappointed at the lack of AI,and the graphics of 2K6,EA will destroy this game


Buy Low and Sell High on the Xbox 360

Buy low, sell high. It's a well-known phrase in the stock market and it applies equally well to videogame traders. The Goozex Report breaks down which Xbox 360 games are currently dropping in value so that you don't buy high and sell low.

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Hockey for the 360

When it comes to hockey on the 360, you have several choices. This article makes recommendations on which hockey game to choose along with a review of NHL 08. This blog is especially useful for gamers who prefer to trade games as opposed to spending cash. When you trade for games, you're not always playing the latest-and-greatest, sometimes you have to settle for last year's game.

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Free PlayStation 3 magazine launches

Gamerzines, the site behind the free magazines for Xbox 360, PC games, PSP and DS, has launched its free PlayStation 3 magazine to co-incide with the UK launch of the console. As with other Gamerzines, the magazine is written by professional games journalists and offered for free in a digital format. All that is required is Adobe Reader 8 on a PC. The magazine is enhanced with videos and multimedia that play on the pages themselves.

Issue 1 is available for download immediately and covers every single European launch game, as well as lengthy preview feature highlighting their pick of the top 20 games still to come on the PS3 this year.

The magazine is to publish a new issue for free every month from launch, to match the other existing Gamerzines for other platforms.

Click Here to Download the free PlayStation 3 magazine

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happygamer6037d ago

thats cool and they have 360 and other magazines based on game systems i never even heard of these people. cool find.