PC Gamer (UK) Reviews Mass Effect 2

TMC: The February issue of PC Gamer magazine (UK) contains the review of the eagerly awaited Mass Effect 2. PC Gamer comments that "Faster paced action and difficult ethical decisions make Mass Effec 2 even more immersive than the excellent original.". Mass Effect 2 was awarded with Editor's Choise 90% in comparison to an 89% they gave to Mass Effect 1. The Magazine Concluded that "Where Mass Effect 2 completely won me over was in the amazing climacitc mission, easily one of the best game endings i've played in recent years."

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Raf1k13290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Haven't bought a PC Gamer mag in ages but their reviews are usually pretty good.

I wish I wasn't bogged down with uni work as I'd be buying it day 1 for PC.

Anon19743290d ago

I saw Mass Effect for 9.99 used at EBgames a while back. After I finish Dragon Age I should probably give it a shot.

Bioware is situated in Edmonton, Canada where I live. It's easy to support Bioware when they consistently put out great games, and it beefs up my civic pride! :)

Raf1k13290d ago

I'd say it's easy to support any developer who consistently releases amazing games. I've never known a single Bioware game to be any less than outstanding.

NeoBasch3290d ago

The original Mass Effect's ending was pretty good too. Kudos to Bioware on a job well done! Can't wait for this. :D

thief3290d ago

Whats interesting is that post-2008, how many games have come out and just "delivered" - i.e., no dissapointments or major flaws, excellent 90+ or mid 80s scores (despite being judged on a higher standard than Halo/GTA)
You would have expected some of these to flop but all these games have been consistently good.

And seems like ME, Splinter cell, heavy rain, BF:BC, MAG and Bioshock 2 are going to folow suit. Good times for gamers

BeaArthur3290d ago

I think with all the information gathering outlets we have now developers are starting to realize that if you care to know whether the game is crap before it comes out you can easily access that information. Also games are expensive to make so you better make sure it's put together well before you release it.


I think it's a bit of a mixture of both.

I think the first few years they were getting to grips with the tech, getting the engines to run and do the stuff they wanted them to do.

now they have a lot more of that in place it's easier to focus on the content; story, gameplay etc.

At the same time the cost has jumped up a good bit and ya, they can't afford to make a game and not have it sell well.

we as gamers have become very hard to please; the casual crowed are easy, but then they go for the easy games and often will by the cheap pre-owned stuff which is not in the dev's best interest.

this year, looks to be the best this gen.

AliTheBrit193290d ago

You wont find this on PS3 :)

It is exclusive to Microsoft platforms ;)

Mista T3290d ago

cool beans

as owner of both consoles it's great to see a game like this come out at the start of the year

oh wait ^^^ that doesn't mean anything to you allthebrit, going back to the gamer zone, u can stay here where u belong

rohail883289d ago

not really asshole PC doesnt mean only Microsoft!

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The story is too old to be commented.