Splinter Cell delayed for "polish"

Ubisoft has told Eurogamer that Splinter Cell: Conviction was delayed to add "a bit more polish", and not because Q1 2010 is unconventionally bursting with big-name releases.

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3198d ago

delayed because of some small EU country.

Jamescagney3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Which small country is that then?

EDIT:Doh! I see now.

Mr_Bun3198d ago

LOL @ 1

@ ^
How do you guys not get that?....POLAND

Antan3198d ago

Ah!!! haha....b******s!!! I`m not as quick out of the blocks this morning .........

Morbid Bulldozer3198d ago

Not that small if you look at the map.

lh_swe3198d ago

It made my morning :)

hay3197d ago

I guess no Alan Wake until polish say so.

StanLee3197d ago

I noted yesterday in the thread about the delay that the game was wrought with problems and mods deleted my God damn comment but it's the truth. The game has a bunch of problem and Microsoft keeps sending them back to the lab. Funny how mods deleted my comment but let fanboys say the dumbest sh*t on this site.

Raoh3197d ago


you get a bubble for that

DatNJDom813197d ago

then I'm all for it. This is the only game I care about on the 360 so if it gets better then Im all for it. Splinter Cell's story is really good and engrossing. Im pretty sure that the game is definitely going to be worth the wait

MazzingerZ3197d ago

Yeah right....treating gamers like kids. They will achieve in 1 month what they couldn't in 3 years?

Only dev that can say that is PD because it's true....Ubisoft and FR said the same about Haze not saying that the Splinter Cell will be bad because it won't but clearly they are not confident about their product.

FACTUAL evidence3197d ago

What Ubisoft means by, "delayed for polish", what it's trying to translate is: "HELL NO WHERE NOT GOING AGAINST HEAVY RAIN!"

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Antan3198d ago

More time for polish is fine with me.

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ssipmraw3198d ago

you know they once said duke nukem forever was finished and all that was left for them to do was polish

we all know how that turned out

Jamescagney3198d ago

I don't think it's comparable really. DNF was in limbo for a very, very long time.

interrergator3198d ago

BULLSH*T heavy rain just got there release date last week and u delay it and tell me that u have to polish it give me a break

Jamescagney3198d ago

What has HR got to do with it?


Pillage053197d ago

I have what he's drinkin' :)

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