BlackSite: Area 51 Box Art and Screenshots

Midway released today the final box art and new screens for the highly anticipated action FPS title, BlackSite: Area 51®. The box art and screens feature Special Forces assassin Aeran Pierce, an Iraq war veteran, as he leads his Delta Force squad against a mysterious insurgency who have emerged from the concrete tombs of Area 51, thought to have been sealed off forever

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Crazyglues4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

I will admit at first I really did like the idea of this game, the fact that it was another FPS using the unreal engine. Just seemed like a been there done that, we already covered this.

But I must say after playing the demo on xboxlive I have found a new interest in the game and look forward to the release of the game. They have really got the look and feel of the game down... so I really can't hate on it, it was actually fun to play...

So let's hope the game turns out as good as the demo. Because the demo was actually good. I hope they can keep the feel the same on the PS3 since I would rather buy it for that system since I really have no games to play on my PS3. Since I ended RFOM and MotorStorm.