Can Knights In The Nightmare Really Work On PSP?

Gaming Union writes: "In the latest issue of Famitsu, it was revealed that Sting would be releasing a PlayStation Portable port of Knights in the Nightmare, which was released in North America by Atlus last June on the Nintendo DS.

The game garnered less than impressive sales in Japan, which explains why the developer would be porting the game over to cover their losses. Sting has been known to do ports such as this in the past, most recently with Riviera: The Promised Land and Yggdra Union. But unlike those games, it is hard to see how Knights in the Nightmare can make a proper transition to the PSP."

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Kyll3202d ago

Yes it can, I BELIEVE

mephman3202d ago

Strange choice of game to port, especially considering its sales. I don't think it'll do much better on the PSP.

ShawnCollier3202d ago

I *really* can't see how this will end up well.

Mamotronn3202d ago

do the same rockstar did with chinatown, then i dont see how it would end bad, but if they plan to do an exact port...ummm pretty bad sound if u ask me.

Hisiru3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

I agree. I can't see how it would work without all those complex touch screen controls.

Also, what makes this game good is the innovative gameplay... what it's the attractive of the PSP version?

No, it's not like GTA Chinatown Wars. Knight in the Nightmare (DS) has an innovative and very complex gameplay. Without this gameplay KIN PSP will be just a generic strategy game.

NiteX3202d ago

I don't understand whats so hard? Is it very tap mashing heavy?

The Great Melon3202d ago

Not tap mashing rather constant stylus moving. You control a "wisp" with the stylus, so you are constantly moving around in paths that would be hard to emulate without touch controls. I only recently bought this before they were clearanced out of Fry's (Fry's is a gamer's paradise), but I hope they are able to translate this to psp well. I might pick up again.

Homicide3202d ago

It uses the touch screen a lot, and it just wouldn't be as fun without it. Anyways the game bored me to hell. All you have to do is pick the right weapon and attack. It's so simple that you simply forget about collecting those crystals and the time.

3202d ago
gwcommander3202d ago

Why not, money works on any platform

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