Forza Motorsports Release New Screens of Massive 400 MP DLC

Today, Forza Motorsports 3, launched a massive add on, which includes over 10 cars from the 2009 - 2010 Auto Season. The update is in honor of the North American International Auto Show, which starts this week, the DLC is available on Xbox Live today, labled "AutoWeek Car Show Pack", the pack includes some of the coolest and fast cars release, and some cars yet to hit the streets.

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to bad that while we are waiting forever for Gt5, while Forza 3 is already in the stage of being updated regularly, sigh... GT5 should have done this just update the game with DLC , add other elements one at a time using DLC.

ssipmraw3203d ago

look on the bright side

even with all these updates, GT5 still has more cars

Wrathman3203d ago

none are original or unique tho

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