Demon's Souls: Overstated Difficulty Hides Solid Game Design

Unfortunately, the professional press -- despite giving mostly glowing reviews -- have frightened off many would-be adventurers with tales of "brutal challenge," "incredibly strict gameplay," and loss of all progress with little recourse. Let's sift through the haze, shall we?

First and foremost, Demon's Souls is not an "impossible" game; the gameplay is not cheap or completely unforgiving. As far as role-playing games go, this dark fantasy title is incredibly refreshing in spite of a reliance on many age-old conventions.

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monkey6023253d ago

It's a big issue for the Europeans who want to import it, Being worried that the difficulty will turn them off them game after going through so much trouble getting it in the first place. I have a couple of friends who see it that way anyway.
I'll just let them try out mine.
If it ever gets here!!! >:(

Noctis Aftermath3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

I imported it back in october, best game i've imported yet(and yes i imported uncharted 2), i play this game all the time, the game for me now is relatively easy but i still die every now and again, it's a game that even after you finish it a few times it can still give you challenges, it's great.

goflyakite3252d ago

Hmm this article makes me want to buy it.

At first I didn't really want something I'd just get mad at, because I already have games that make me angry. *MW2*

himdeel3253d ago' just doesn't reward individuals who are use to regenerating health and multiple check points. After playing and beating Demons Souls one time I realize that the game really demands that you play smarter, not harder.

I love the game and it truly is a game I WISHED there was some DLC for it. I could seriously see myself playing the game and beating it multiple times without DLC. If DLC was created regularly for it I think I would've officially found my absolute favorite RPG.

calis3253d ago

I am stuck in the Tower of Latria at the Fool's Idol marker. I am so frustrated I am dieing in the most stupidest ways, I haven't been patient.

Karsghul3253d ago

get a few levels or drop your soul stone and practice while helping someone else. you don't lose souls when you die in someone else world. remember that.

calis3252d ago


It was more a impatience thing then skill but I think I will level up a bit if I can.

aftrdark213252d ago

I am really enjoying it. Was worried about the so called insane difficulty but it isn't that bad. You do have to prepare and not rush through it. Also if you check around there is a great wiki on the game that gives a lot of info and guides on the game.

3252d ago