Darksiders review for Xbox 360 (resumeplay)

Darksiders is like a amalgamation of several classic games. It takes freely from such titles as Devil May Cry, God of War, and the entire Zelda Series. Now, many games try to do this, and fail. Darksiders, however, succeeds enough to not only be mentioned, but enough to be entered into the pantheon of great action/puzzle/platformers.

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rogue06743475d ago

Sounds like a great game, can't wait to play it.

HammockGames3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Excellent action and story and it looks nifty, too.

It's also of good length (not a short game) and offers plenty of replay value IMHO.

I hope plenty of people snap this game up!

FamilyGuy3474d ago

and they're all coming out so close to each other. I'm interested but I'll have wait till I see this one on a good sale. $20-$30

Baross20253475d ago

Looks awesome, definitely on my list of games to get this year.

mau643475d ago

I need to play this and bayonetta

DigitalHorror813475d ago

I've now seen scores of 8, 9, and 10 for this game, the same exact scores for Bayonetta. Has anyone played both of these? I've got 60 bucks and want to get the better one--if there is such a comparison. I'll be picking up the other one when money permits.

mau643475d ago

Bayonetta seems fun but I think I would go with darkiders, seems to have a little more to offer.

Dukeoffl3475d ago

I've played both, and IO think Darksiders is better. Bayonetta has a hot chick, but Darksiders plays better.

Obama3475d ago

I would go with Bayonetta. The demo is fun and the style is pretty unique.

HammockGames3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

I ended up getting both, but I like Darksiders a bit more.

God of War, Zelda, and Devil May Cry are some of my favorite games, and the hybrid idea really is captured well with Darksiders. Great gameplay and what I thought was a cooler storyline.

Bayonetta is still a great game, though. If you LOVE Devil May Cry, you may lean towards Bayonetta.

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brandynevils3475d ago

Might be goty for me. Its everything I love in a game and just what i expected. A demo woulda been nice though

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The story is too old to be commented.