New Elveon Screens Released

Game company 10Tacle Studios has released new screens for their upcoming game, Elveon. Elveon, which means "The book of elves", is an action RPG set in the world of Naon, a realm which was once meant to become paradise before the Gods (called Dallas) abandoned it. The game uses the Unreal Engine 3.0 Elveon is planned to be released for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, however, a publisher for the game has yet to be announced.

bernie6547d ago

I looked at the site for the developer & game and it mentions Xbox360 and PC but no mention of PS3, are you sure?

360theAssasinsCreed6547d ago (Edited 6547d ago )

unless they suspect it will be kinda like assasins creed which could still be released for 360. I found these screenshots on a PS3 website so it looks to be they will at some point get this game. I did see on the developer site that yes it was as of now 360 and PC that's it. Either way this game looks to be very good at least environment wise and graphically. Hopefully the gameplay equals the visuals.


looks nice, reminds me of oblivion...

pRo loGic II6547d ago

I thought it was just for 360 and PC but!!!!! it's listed for PS3 in the release dated in the PS3 section on IGN's web site. Who care's! either way it will be a bad ass game. there will be little exclusives this GENERATION only the cheaper console will benefit from this mess.

TheXgamerLive6547d ago

Yeah I'm agreeing, I dont think the ps3 is getting this, in fact I dont think they "ever" did a design for it. Could be wrong as things do sometimes get hidden in the gaming world but I dont think so.

the_bebop6547d ago

I recon this is going to turn into another assasins creed type argument, but acording to IGN and gamespot it has been listed for the PS3, 360 and PC, were on the 10tacle studios website, which is the developer for this games has it listed so far for the PC and the 360.
So even though I am hoping for this game to come to the PS3 I will wait and see for any further info from there website if this game will end up making it to the PS3.

here is the Website for 10tacle studios.


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Elveon alive and coming to PS3?

PSU writes: "Haven't heard of the the elvish action-epic Elveon? It would be surprising, with the latest news coming straight from 2006. Additionally, this Unreal Engine 3 powered title was originally scheduled to release only on Xbox 360 and PC, leaving Sony's console in the dust.

Contrary to popular belief, Elveon hasn't been canned. You see, 10TACLE's stock value dropped from nearly 15€ to 2€, causing them to cut 25% of their work force. This staff slimming included 10TACLE Bratislava, the original Elveon development team. As a result, the project's reins have been handed to Climax, developer of such titles Silent Hill Origins and Viva Piñata for Windows.

On their official site's homepage, there is an image of Elveon with the header "New 360/PS3 Project."

SUP3R5905d ago

Yeah this one had me confused when I saw the gameplay video earlier this week sporting the 360, PC & PS3 as its' platforms.
I remember seeing many a 360 list highlighting this game as an exclusive for the system, so it kinda shocked me when I saw that.

Apart from that I'm still not completely sold on this game nor am I remotely interested at this point.
They've got to dish out some more tech and story info.

sonarus5905d ago

Well looks like 360 is losing exclusives fast:D

Lol this really isn't a big deal. Didn't even know this game existed

Lord Anubis5905d ago

i remember the game was canceled for the PS3 a long time ago. Who knows.

St05905d ago

Looks like a crap PC game imo

5905d ago
heyheyhey5905d ago

fuking hopefully

i saw a trailer on a PS mag disk, and i was impressed

then i saw gameplay footage, and i was impressed

then i found out it had been cancelled for the PS3, and i was pissed

i was setting myself up to get it on PC, but id rather get it on PS3