Splinter Cell Conviction and R.U.S.E Pushed Back, Assassin's Creed 2010

In a financial release sent out today, Ubisoft has notified investors (and gamers alike) that Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction has been pushed back to April 2010, R.U.S.E has been pushed back to November 2010.

There is also a mention of a new Assassin's Creed game coming in 2010 that will feature Online Multiplayer in the financial statement. No word on platforms or official name.


CORRECTION NOTICE: R.U.S.E. has not been pushed back to November 2010 as first thought with the release below, the confusion arose when the paragraph included a April 2010 date for Tom Clancy`s Splinter Cell Conviction and then a 2010-11 "date" in the release, it is not November 2010 but rather in reference to the financial quarter. We apologize to Ubisoft for the confusion.

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Antan3294d ago

1st EA cutting DS titles down, now Ubi..........Someones going to have to continue making games!!

3294d ago
Venatus-Deus3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Good... make SC:C in mid April. Spread the games out. That will give me some good game time after HR, Bio2 and before GoW3, while I'll stil be playing the new SOCOM Maps.

Still trying to work out how I'm going to fit in Bayonetta, ME2 and DantesI

AW in May and then GT5 in June (hopes).

I'll worry about the end of the year after E3

Edit: @below

Bollo*ks! Forgot about RedDead and ModNation.

ABizzel13294d ago

It's good for them since no one is really launching a game thst we know of in April except "Red Dead", and supposedly ModNation Racers (even thou MNR is still scheduled for February).

But it still sucks, I want it and I want it now.

gaffyh3294d ago

DAMNIT! I just hope it is really good when it is released, how many times is this game gonna get delayed?!?!?

bacon133294d ago

I remember a time where I was worried a game was being pushed back. Now I see it as a good sign that devs are trying to correct imperfections and deliver the best quality product they can. Hopefully the extra 3 months can fix whatever needs to be.

SullyDrake3294d ago

Heavy Rain releases on the same day, February 23rd.

Zeal0t3294d ago


We contradict each other quite often ^^

Tinted Eyes3294d ago

When SC gets delayed for its second time: "oh its okay I guess I can wait its no big deal."

When GT5 gets delayed for one month in Japan its: "OMGWTFBBQ!!!! PD has lost its touch, GT5 is teh failz."

Sub4Dis3294d ago

I really doubt exclusives on opposing consoles would conflict with one another that much.

not to mention they are 2 completely different styles of games that probably will appeal to 2 very different types of gamer. not to say you wouldn't be interested in both. but if you're an action oriented gamer, for example, it's far more likely you'd go for the action title.

Sheikh Yerbouti3294d ago

I was going to buy and 360 for SC:C, but I have all these Sony exclusives to get through first. And it will arrive in time for my tax check too.

4Sh0w3294d ago

seems to be a tactical delay to maximize sales based on an overcrowding of release dates, this gen its very important to have high sales at launch, sure a good game will continue to sell over time but gamers are more fickle than ever so if the have too many choices they may not end up picking up a game they would have normaly brought until much later at a reduced price point.

vhero3294d ago

splinter cell pushed back again?? first time they pushed this back they ended up redesigning the whole damn game lol.

morganfell3294d ago

Certain people should not post in this thread considering the sheer number of times they attacked PS3 titles for being delayed.

Hypocritical at best.

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AliTheBrit193294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

A little disappointing

But at least there's loads of other games to keep us occupied :)

This month we have:
Mass Effect 2

Dantes Inferno
Bioshock 2
Heavy Rain

God of War III
Final Fantasy XIII
Battlefield Bad Company 2

Aquarius3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

We also have:

MAG for January
WKC: International Edition for Feburary

BTW Rage hasn't been given a release date

iron_sheik3294d ago

and include MAG

256 player FPS only on PS3
who cares about lame mass effect 2--another generic wrpg

iron_sheik3294d ago



even garbage games like SC conviction are being delayd on RROD delaybox 360

AliTheBrit193294d ago


the original Mass Effect is one of the best games this Gen

MAG, is extremely average (I've played it) and many believe it to be doomed for mediocrity, I agree

So what if it has 256 players? why would anyone want that, its not like they are together, so there in seperate parts of the map you might as well be playing with 16

All that number is, is a technical achievement, it doesn't make the gamer any fun to play.

So you ask who cares about Mass Effect 2? - A hell of a lot more people than MAG

OmarJA-N4G3294d ago

Hey bots what goes around comes around eh? :D

Choose your poison:


& 360 has no real exclusives. :)

awesomeperson3294d ago

Thats actually a pretty good list, although I would have included MAG. ME is a good game and I respect it, even if RPG's aren't really my thing. Its good that you seem to be turning less bottish by the day.

MAG seemed a bit bland in the closed beta I was in but in the latest public beta where there were more game modes and different people it started getting funner. It hits the pinacle fun point at level 10 where you get acess to the 256 player game modes, which are quite awesome.

Oh well just my opinion :)

chrisulloa3294d ago

What Delaybox 360? GT5 just got pushed back 3 months in Japan and a couple more in US. Also, were you born last month, because 2009 was full of delays for both consoles.

3294d ago
cereal_killa3294d ago

chrisulloa Spreading more lies and bullsh1t like a typical Muppet GT5 was only delayed for 1 month and no where does it say the N/A-EU version is delayed in any way learn to read before you try to act like a big boy.

"The game had been due for release in Japan in March, but that would now be pushed back a month, the company confirmed in a press release."

"A release date for the game in Europe has still yet to be confirmed."

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nycredude3294d ago

Don't forget Mag comes on same day as ME2. I am getting both.

nycredude3294d ago

Am i mistaken that Mag comes out the same day as ME2? Am i not getting them both? Hmmm.. I must not know what I want to buy!

N4PS3G3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Splinter Cell got delayed untill april.. It was coming and the end of feb .. So it's just a couple of days .. 2 month tops.. No biggie! I can wait i guess :)

KionicWarlord2223294d ago

First it gets delayed 2 months after e3 and now its getting delayed again to april with no specific date .

This really sucks .

peowpeow3294d ago

I feel for you, I still remember your reactions to the previous delay(s) >:p

Grown Folks Talk3294d ago

Why do they keep toying with our emotions? Hope the demo is still coming Jan 20th.

IdleLeeSiuLung3294d ago

I suspect the delay is due to all the games released in the first quarter of 2010. There are just too many games and this will definitely hurt everyone releasing a game especially in February run up to March.

Both April and June is pretty open.

KionicWarlord2223294d ago

There better be a demo .

They have delayed it too many times now .

SoX FireBlade3294d ago

I guess April will be a good month

blue7xx73294d ago

Yeah I know it sucks I find it funny that everyoen delayed their games in 2009 to early 2010 so it wouldn't be to crowded and now early 2010 is to crowded and now we see more delays. Also isn't crackdown 2 or alan wake coming out in april as well.?? Didn't that greenberg guy imply that if so that would suck.

ShabzS3294d ago

now imagine after all of this ... it turns out to be crap... boy that would suck

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