Gaming Under Construction 0.00 – Gaming's Golden Age

Diehard GameFAN's Jon Widro writes: At the dawn of 2010, to kick off my new weekly gaming column, I didn't know where to begin. So much changes on such a regular basis that the games industry as we knew it 5, 10, 15 years ago is almost indistinguishable in many ways from the game industry of today.

As I looked at the games I've played over the last 2 weeks of 2009, it became clear that it was a great jumping off point for this column's intended discussion points. I've had a variety of game experiences, from new solo games received over the holidays, to group games played with friends and family in town for New Year's. The one thing all these games have in common is that they are new releases for 2009 – meaning they are all products released for sale to current, modern game players.

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