Is This Fair for Xbox Live Users?

From TAGS: "Quick thought time again; Xbox Live silver has specific weekends, which seem to be chosen by the developer/publisher, when Silver members can play online on a game. This is obviously to give a taste of online gaming to lure more people to becoming Gold members.

This gave me a thought, what about games that are online only? Single player only games are able to be played all the time, online games still require a subscription to Xbox Live before you can even play the game. Is this really fair considering you are paying the same amount for the game at retail? A $100 single player vs. $100 + an Xbox Live Gold membership for a multi player game."

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iOmegaSeriousi3204d ago

where u spend $100 in games?? thats too much

Lawrst3204d ago

Aussie? Australia.... Ever Heard of us?

3204d ago