Gran Turismo 5 delayed by 3 months in Japan.

While the western world eagerly awaits even the tiniest hint of a release date for Gran Turismo 5, the one territory with an actual date has received a 3 month delay.


"3 months" was born out of Google's miss translation - It referred to the tentative release date of March. The actual delay is stated as 'TBD'. Thanks to Dir_En_Grey for the help.

SCEE have said the delay is ‘only applicable to the Japanese market,’ though they have declined to offer a European release date.

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LordMarius3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Oh my,

release it in the dry summer drought and watch the money pile up

Pillage053201d ago

I'd be happy with a summer release. Nothing else to play then generally. But GT5 is starting to remind me a bit of the psp GT :P.
I could have sworn we were supposed to have GT5 already.

Perkel3201d ago

i think it'll be wordwide release. Still they are crazy to delay game which is in production now more than 5 years :D

captain-obvious3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

i think Sony is doing it on Purpose
they want to save their ammo

i think it'll be this vs halo reach

thanks for the heads up
and thanks for those links
i really didnt knew about them

Blaze9293201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Actually Sony has been pressuring Polyphony to just release the damn game already:

So I doubt they would delay it on "peropus".

Dutch Boogie3201d ago

For fvcks sake. GT5 is looking amazing but what is the point if they keep delaying this thing? Development time is enough and i want the game now dammit. Sometimes i wish Sony pushed PD to release their games faster.

Dir_en_grey3201d ago

it's not "delayed by 3 months" nor was it "has since been changed to TBD like the update says.

It is "delayed from the original release date of March" to begin with.
Crappy online translator translated "March" to "3 months".

Cyrax_873201d ago

GoW3 is more then enough for March.

moneybuyseverything3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Neah it's quality control. That is the reason. Both parties want to insure a quality game. The demo is currently not all that different(if at all) from any build or footage we have seem. Both parties want to get it right but Sony as shown in Blaze929's links are a little anxious.

Noctis3201d ago

we might actually see Forza 4 vs GT 5.... who knows.

bioshock12213201d ago

@blaze I think its the other way around I remember the guy who makes GT5 saying that "we can release gran turismo 5 whenever we want" around E3 that it was finished but apparently its Sony who is pressuring them to make the game perfect. Google it youll find the interview. They should just release it its almost gonna be 6 years when they announced it at E3 2004.

moneybuyseverything3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

It's probably been back and forth due to Schedule windows and other racers.

There is a slight chance Sony wants a universal release because the game and it's hype will have greater impact versus the game being sort of old news in the media in some respects. Plus the reviews won't get in the way of the game as much if everybody gets it at the same time, just in case.

bpac1234567893201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

PD needs to get there sh** straight it's getting ridiculous now. Either your going to release the game when you say or don't give a release date. People have waited long enough for this game, they can't polish it forever.

Sony needs to step in and just tell them they have to release the game now, enough is enough.

ProA0073201d ago

Wow delayed again? Are you freaking serious? I was so pumped for a March release. I wonder what the cause behind this delay is.

I mean sheesh, I thought that old joke term "delaystation 3" has since lost meaning but AGAIN with the delays on PS3 exclusives.

Hopefully this won't turn into GT PSP, but then again that did take about 5 years....which was just a handheld game O_O...oh god please don't let GT5 be delayed any longer.

3201d ago
moneybuyseverything3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Somebody disagreed with one of my comments.

Here is the quote from Sony taken from an article some PS3 fans are trying to block in pending. The story in pending states why it's being delayed and yes we can stop with the twisting of actions, Sony is calling it an delay.

" Via a Sony press release, Gran Turismo 5 has been delayed. The release states that due to development issues, the March date for Japan will no longer be able to be met. The new date is “indefinitely” with an announcement to be “coming soon.” Rather or not this has anything to do with the NA release date has yet to be determined."

It's because of E3 and what people were saying after playing Forza 3 and then playing GT5, I'm sure the GT5 TT demo didn't help either.

WFT? I'm doing us all a favor so we don't make fools out ourselves speculating and you disagree. LMAO

g-nome3201d ago

Losing interest . They are trying too hard to be perfect and in the end will realize the fun factor is missing.

iistuii3201d ago

Kinda glad someone put. Give me a break, and if it's delayed out in Japan, we will no doubt be delayed too, sigh.

LiL T3201d ago

The only reason I have a console is for the GT series. I could care less about GOW (even though its awsome) or any other game, I only want GT.
@g-nome.. Totaly agree, I feel like I wasted my time even buying a new console, I really don't care about shooters or any other game, I WANT GT NOW.
Ahhh well back to my music and forget the games. coming soon. DJ_4FREE out....

R6ex3201d ago

Mentally, I'm exhausted after the LONG Forza 3 experience.

I need to forget about driving for a while.

So its good to have GT5 later.

DERKADER3201d ago

They're turning GT5 into a joke.

Noctis Aftermath3201d ago

Why did they even announce a JP release date if they couldn't keep it? the game needs to come out by june, if not i will be seriously p1ssed off and might just wait till it goes platinum.

Hanif-8763201d ago

I'm happy that they delayed the game, because they can polish it even more now. Also, i think Sony is now aiming for a worldwide release date :-)

nefertis3201d ago

we all know those who complain about gt5 being delayed will get it still when it come out i know iam. Play3beyond

Saaking3201d ago

sony may be thinking of using GT5 as a flagship title for 3D games. Anyways, the game will be released when it's good and ready. This is just one delay

NateNater3201d ago

I'm guessing it was delayed because of GoW3 and all the other AAA other games coming out in Q1. They maybe just needed to perfect it more and spread out release dates.

mfwahwah3201d ago


Yeah, I'd be complaining about this... but for one it's Japan and I don't live there, and for another thing, I'll be playing WKC, Heavy Rain, FFXIII, and God of War 3 around that time. Oh and maybe Yakuza 3. I can afford to wait.

Persistantthug3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

This isn't the kind of game that should NOT have a staggered regional release. This is a world renown popular game that is just as popular in Japan as in Europe and should release their at the same time, and then obviously in America as well.

It has taken a long time, but a simultaneous summer release is fine for me.

agentace3201d ago

What do you mean it keeps getting delayed, march was its 1st release date , this is the 1st/only delay.......

creatchee3201d ago

I honestly don't know about the money piling up. Sales will be there to be sure, but it's not going to be like the old days. I think that part of the success of GT's earlier iterations came from lack of competition and the proliferation of the PS2.

Nowadays, there are a bunch of driving games on the market (even if there are only 1 or 2 other of the full-blown simulation-type). GT5 will probably be the best and most-definitive of any of them, but a lot has changed since late 04/early 05 when GT4 was released, most notably the fact that there were around 70 million PS2s when it came out. Right now, there's around 30 million PS3s. Even if we add 5 million PS3s by GT5's release date for continuing sales and people who buy the console at the time of the game, we're still looking at half of the market enjoyed by GT4 with the PS3.

Bottom line, GT5 will sell well, but don't expect numbers like the previous GTs.

TheDeadMetalhead3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )


I don't want to wait any longer. ;_;

TheTwelve3201d ago

Cmon guys. This won't be the only game delayed. Sony has to give each of their exclusives breathing space. You can't tell me you're surprised.


ndibu3201d ago

The damage control happening here is ridiculous! Wow! Too many games anyway, gow month, will own summer, 3d flagship, world wide release ect. So much PR in a comments section!

Oner3201d ago

While the delay for the Japanese release I have to admit does "suck" for them as of right now but in reality it doesn't affect the rest of the world (that we know of yet). I have to say that I agree with this second quote from 3 possible reasons about this situation over at ~

"2. Gran Turismo 5’s Influence on Sony’s Financial Reports

Here’s an interesting theory put forth by the Times Online newspaper, whose “analysts” cite Sony’s corporate fiscal calendar to support their reasoning. Personally, I believe this theory has the most credibility – never underestimate the importance of financial statements to large corporations and their shareholders. If it is so important, though, why was this not taken into consideration before the March date was originally settled upon?

Analysts suspect that there may be a strategy behind the delay and that Sony is working to spread the effect of a strong games pipeline over a longer period. The recent Japanese launch of Final Fantasy XIII shifted many more PS3 consoles than expected and performed beyond expectations outside Japan.

If Sony felt that it had already met its console sales targets for its 2009 financial year, analysts said, it might want to push the GT5 launch back a little so that the frenzy surrounding its eventual launch would boost sales in the 2010 financial year. The company may be confident that titles such as God of War 3, Dark Rain and Bayonetta will keep console sales relatively buoyant through the spring period."

I really have to agree that this is the most understandable explanation and reason why the "delay". But my honest opinion is that even if the US had a set release date of March I would have welcomed a SLIGHT delay because of how "full" March is to begin with and pushing it back a bit would be better for the company overall and the devs that might go up against the GT juggernaut!

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heroicjanitor3201d ago

I wonder if they are trying to push it towards christmas... Or maybe they just want to spread their titles out more, since sony are publishing too many in the first quarter and they will take sales from each other

Darkeyes3201d ago

I am pretty sure Sony will push GT5 in NA and Europe for late 2010.. Boy this vs Halo will be a mammoth fight in the sales department. It's actually intelligent to do so since that Q4 is the time most huge games land and GT5 is second to none in terms of being a massive console mover.

I think it will be perfect for Sony to launch GT5 late 2010 for a moving more consoles at the end of the year.... This along with a few more games like Resistance 3 and TLG/Agent could make an awesome end to 2010... Although still a little pissed at the no NA launch date, will wait patiently.

bioshock12213201d ago

Yeah that seems like the most logical reason try to get as many sales as possible. I wouldn't doubt it that they would delay it until the holidays to get more sales. They should just release it though last year they were saying it was done and now they are delaying it. It will have a lot to prove.

mastiffchild3201d ago

I doubt Sony want it delyed for more than is absolutely needed. The Japanese delay won't have any effect on either the EU or states now, though, as imo, they're going to sensibly go for a simultaneous release-it's just better all round nd allows for a bigger bang when it drops in June/July. They will NOT want to wait for the holidays from what I've read as they sound pretty sick of how anal PD have got over their baby this tme out!

As for people who keep on insisting the Tijme Trial is any kind of demo or representation of the final product:IT ISN'T and we've all seen way more advanced(in looks, damage and weather and night/day cycles)stuff from them in videos so just stop pretending the game will look like something which has all the extras ripped off to keep the file size down. Sheesh!

Blasphemy3201d ago

Oh no this means we won't get this until the fall at the earliest stateside...

krackchap3201d ago

oh come on Kaz! stop going to those auto shows and finish off the game.

TheHater3201d ago

I hope they are delaying it for a worldwide release date or the reach a deal to add more cars or manufacture allowed them to add full damage to all they cars.