PSX Extreme: Nier Preview

Ben Dutka: Square-Enix has been trying to appeal to a wider worldwide audience for quite some time now; this new emphasis on expansion has resulted in their new Los Angeles studio, the acquisition of Eidos, and a more adult/mature-oriented focus in projects like Nier. It may take a definite backseat to the likes of Final Fantasy XIII and maybe even Level 5's White Knight Chronicles but if you're looking for something fresh, it might be a mistake to ignore Nier. An action/RPG that should feature an engaging storyline, fast-paced combat and a unique set of characters with a lot of added flash, this one might become a massive sleeper hit. There will also be some platforming and we expect to see some puzzle solving as well; as for the setting, that'll be dark, gritty and loaded with a ton of attitude. This may or may not be up your alley, but people are always saying they want something different from Square-Enix…

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