Spawn Kill Review: Darksiders

Dave "Snarkasaur" Stewart of Spawn Kill writes:

"Darksiders is a love affair with good games. Is it perfect? I suppose not, but mainly because it lacks innovation. It does so many things right while glossing over so many of the frustrating aspects of prior games that it's very difficult not to fall in love. It may not appeal to those looking for the next hot thing, or those who always must have a realistic visual experience, but to those of us who have loved games like God of War and Zelda, it's like a new blanket that smells and feels like the one we grew up in, but is covered in blood and wicked looking runes and tribal marks."

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rrquinta4774d ago

Hmm... I had sort of written this one off, but now I'm only hearing good things about it, so I might have to check it out after all...

4773d ago
K-Tuck4773d ago

I think I was sold on this one the instant I heard Joe Madureira was the creative director.

It doesn't hurt that the game borrows heavily from other A-listers.

theherp804773d ago

i havent played it since e3 and back then it didnt really get my attention. maybe i'll have to give it another shot.