Bethesda vs. Interplay - court transcript

The Vault has acquired actual court transcripts from the legal battle between Interplay and Bethesda over the rights to Fallout.

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mrv3213591d ago

I'd laugh pretty hard if the court found a MASSIVE issue with the contract, found ir void and made Bethesda give UP ALL THE PROFIT FROM FALLOUT 3 and all the source code.

Why you ask? I am a big fan of fallout don't get me wrong, but the glitches with Fallout are obvious, not like MW2 where you must L2 Tiragnle jump spot. These are bugs just in normal playthough and no one changed it just to get it out on time.

You want to know how bad this is. On the PS3 is someone sent you a message or signed in or out the game would pause for 5 seconds... didn't they test the game?

Plus it's not like interplay was doing a bad job with fallout from what I can tell. Plus didn't Bethesda kinda start THE LAWSUIT?

Sarevok3591d ago

I hope interplay wins! (I'm old school like that XD)
it would be awesome if they could go back to the way they were way back in like 1998.

mrv3213591d ago

I don't mind the gameplay of Fallout 3 because of VATS afterall it kinda makes sense in the world after all. BUT in terms of completing the story bethesda fails... I've read FALLOUT WIKI and it was like a great novel. But honestly I just feel compelled by the characters... it became a run 'n' gun with AP to bear in mind. I think it'd be good to update the Fallout 3 engine but fill in some plotholes, I'd love to play in a New York envirmoent but I fear the skyscraper might be problem.

What'd be interesting to here and see what happend to the rest of the world. In my mind it plays out like this. Europe is barely bombed and forms the Europa army, a allmost eutopian country but with a dictator and with Europa in power they decide to move into America in order to expand their horizons technology wise to fight of the new Rusasia super army who's use of Mutants has lead to major victories i the eastern block and as such Europa has hacked into the Vault tech and discovered MANY unknown Vaults containing scientific material started by the U.S govermant who's hope was to re-emerged from the Vault in 1,000 and retake America. The fight is now to hold off the Europa conquest. This will create and interesting story as a Europa clone ship hovers over the city dropping in Soldiers in a hope to re-take the city of Hoover City in a hope to discover Vault 1001. The mutants will still fight you but focus on the Europa base. Oh and the Europa ship is fairly large... with a Mile radius and there's 12 hovering over several major U.S cities. So far out of the 20 secret vaults only 1 has been unlocked and lead to massive developement technology and the release of a new virus which further mutates Super Mutants allowing them to reproduce asexually... which allows them to grow very large... they will remain mostly the same size but can grow VERY large in order to combat the Robot(from the fallout 3) among other purpose.

Sorry about that.

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