James Cameron Working On More Games With Ubisoft

In this X-Play interview with James Cameron, he mentions that he is working with Ubisoft on more games outside of the Avatar universe and takes a shot at fans of Halo.

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Supa3594d ago

I vaguely recall the interviewer being a Neogaf mod/writer a long time ago, then moving to 1UP, and now for G4TV he's interviewing James Cameron about games... what a fantastic age of the nerd we're living in! ^_^

dkgshiz3594d ago

Avatar the game was awful.

JonnyBadfinger3594d ago

the movie was bad enough, who in the right mind would buy the video game??

Movie was the biggest waste of time ever and i had had enough of it when there was still 1h30mins to go.

3594d ago
3593d ago