Too Human Ducking Gears of War Holiday 06 Window

Too Human was originally announced an ambiguous 2006 release; while expected in time for the holidays, a release this year was expected by most. A delay into the spring wouldn't be too surprising considering how much marketing muscle Microsoft is throwing behind Gears of War. Too Human might find itself in the shooter's shadow.

CAPS LOCK6167d ago

looks like a nice game...but doesnt 360 have enough shooters already? i am an fps fan but not a big one, i will be getting a ps3 though because there are more choices of games and most of the 360 games would come out on pc eventually so there is really no need.

Jay da 2KBalla6167d ago

360s choices work fine for me and Too Human isnt an fps.

Capt CHAOS6166d ago

How can you say that for console that isn't even out yet?

And the balance on the 360 is alot better than the Xbox and it looks to be getting better.

bizzy126167d ago

dam please release it now for the fall and gow for christmas but at 60 a pop i can wait there is alot of other good title comming out soon

Krimson6167d ago

This title apparently looked pretty flimsy at E3. I hope they take their time perfecting this game as they have the concepts in place to make a really killer title.

silent ninja6167d ago

after a poor E3 showing i knew it would be delayed. lets hope wait worth it

Cyclonus6167d ago

That turkey needs some more time in the oven.

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