Obsidian Confirms Leaked Aliens RPG Footage Is Legit

On Sunday, supposed footage of the cancelled Aliens RPG hit the Internet. Today developer Obsidian Entertainment admitted that it's real.

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3597d ago
starmin763597d ago

that footage looked very promising, even if it was very early in development.

EvilCackle3597d ago

It seems like the game had been in development for less than a year when this footage was created. By that token, it's pretty impressive. Plus, knowing Obsidian's other games, the writing would've sold it even if it wasn't a technical masterpiece.

WildArmed3597d ago

though the shooting animations and sounds needs some work, the does look promising.
Esp. that sneak attack from the alien.

We might have just lost a solid game

EvilCackle3597d ago

Yeah, I like that they threw in the sneak attack at the end to say "hey, we know it's kinda rough-looking but it's got potential to do some cool stuff." Aliens seems to have an interesting setting but it's never really explained much by shooters or mixed bag of movies. An RPG would've been really something to behold.