NCAA Football 07 Now Available

Electronic Arts captures the emotion of college football today with the launch of NCAA Football 07 and the all-new momentum system. Whether you're reaching out for that extra yard to move the chains for a key first down, knocking the ball loose for a crucial turnover or flawlessly executing a trick play, the game's momentum can shift in your favor with one play.

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Zaskark55792d ago

should i buy this or Madden 07

omansteveo5792d ago

yo should get both....create yourself in NCAA then draft yourself to your favoite good fun

rebelfan95315791d ago

he i bought this game today it is by far the best ncaa game ever. but the only thing i like better from the last one is that u could do SI or espn or watever the magizing was and this game is extremley easy to get achivments in i got 25 in like 3 hours but overall i give it a 9

Sphinx5791d ago

where is the create-a-player, try out and get drafted thing at?

luz5791d ago

No ability to play 2-4 players on the same team brings the game down a bit.

jsuch20025790d ago

I would suggest getting this game. It is the best college game I have ever played by far.

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