Divinity II: Ego Draconis - ZTGD Review

ZeroTolerance writes: Divinity II definitely has a lot of things working against it. For starters comparisons to BioWare's latest RPG are sure to sprout up. Both games involve Dragons and both attempt the classic RPG flavor that was made popular on the PC. Amazingly both games are also quite different when it comes to their actual mechanics. While the aforementioned title focuses more on strategy and methodically paced combat, Divinity comes with a more action-oriented feel. The quest system is fairly familiar and the story, while not the most original or well-told, does manage to deliver a strong enough narrative to keep you interested. If you have another 60 hours to sink into an RPG this season, Ego Draconis could be well worth the effort.

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Myst-Vearn3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

The graphics and framerate are a JOKE and the ending sucked. The glitches didn't help either.

zornik3597d ago

There r a ton of other gameplay elements who make you forget the graphical issues.....i give it a solid 8/10.(some people may like the's original)

SuperSaiyan43597d ago

I was looking forward to it and the visuals are atrocious! The gameplay is pathetic and overall it just fails.

There is still a game to come out that looks and plays as good as Oblivion and 4yrs on that game still looks, feels and plays awesome.

yamzilla3597d ago

Did you play the 360 version....??? If so I cannot say since I have not seen it...but on looked freakin sweet and ran at over full 1080p with 8x anit-aliasing. I haven't beat it yet but clocked in over 35 hours...I like it better than dragon age...Dragon Age should have been called "Fisher Price`My First RPG"

3596d ago