Android Will Have No Effect on Mobile Gaming for the Foreseeable Future

Loot Ninja writes:

"I love my iPhone. One of the reasons is the massive amount of quality games on the platform. With the recent explosion of Android handsets, one would think the mobile gaming space would immediately evolve, but that won't be the case. Android will not have any meaningfully impact on mobile gaming for quite some time."

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tdrules3598d ago

its pretty sad the portable format with the most powerful phones suffers to a more popular less powerful format.
PSP vs DS much

drunkpandas3598d ago

You can have all the hardware in the world in a device, but if the Operating System doesn't deliver the necessary tools to succeed with major development, it's all a wash.

fiercescuba3598d ago

good pt.

Mobile gaming is making strides but the days of making the PSP and DS obsolete are distant.

toaster3598d ago

Android phones are great. I'm hoping that some devs will see potential in making games for Android handsets. But as of now nothing can take Nintendo's throne from them. Not even with the iPhone's slew of killer apps and amazing games.

XxThe-RemedyXx3598d ago

"Android Will Have No Effect on Mobile Gaming for the Foreseeable Future"

Sure about that?

Sitdown3598d ago

this is such a pointless blanket statement. To say that there will be "no effect" is to discount even a minimum addition, you also disregard any direct or indirect effect that the Android can have on mobile gaming. Just one example...Verizon does not offer the iphone, but does have a couple of phones equipped with Android. A developer can decide to go after these individuals, and in effect the snow ball on mobile gaming begin. The fact that developers have another platform to develop on is an effect in itself. Apple realizing a rise in competition and continuing to tweak the iphone is also another effect. Responsible journalism...where has it gone?

SilverSlug3598d ago

but if you buy a iphone for gaming, I feel bad for you son. It sucks. Mobile gaming sucks, period.

I buy smart phones to connect online, check news, web browse, watch vids. But not play games.

Lou Ferrigno3598d ago

ANDROID's rule iphone.. ive had the iphone 3gs.. HOWEVER,for gaming it def goes out to the iphone,skater nation greatest game out there you dudes should give it a try...

nothing will dent the psp and DS market.. but android is acually doing geat for itself in the gaming depaRTMENT.

xjoshbx3597d ago

If he kept up with the android news he would know that the limitations he speaks of that are the "reason" for android not succeeding with games is already coming to an end. Google has already said that a patch will come shortly after 2.1 is released that will let apps install to the removable memory and no longer be limited to internal storage.

Android OS pwns the iphone OS as it currently stands

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