PSX Extreme: Guitar Hero: Van Halen Review

PSX Extreme writes: "So let's pretend you're Activision. You've released a Guitar Hero game based on Aerosmith, as a means of testing the waters to see how the fans would react to a product like that. Then you green-light a full-scale game that's dedicated to the biggest name in the rock world, Metallica. How do you follow an act like Metallica? Well, in terms of popularity and sheer recognition, it's hard to. So you sit down and think of the closest examples, Queen was taken by Sony, The Beatles were secured by EA and MTV, but because Guitar Hero has always demonstrated the harder side of rock, Guitar Hero: Van Halen makes perfect sense for the franchise."

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Redempteur3601d ago

LOl exactly van halen convinced once and for all ( f it was already ) that rock band is better at this stuff and while they released countless dlcs ..when they do a group ( beatles ) you can be sure it will not be a half assed job.

Also one song /4 on the demo was intresting to play IMO