GameStop Is Not Evil

Does GameStop deserve the vile hate from many gamers? Is it simply a retail business or something more sinister?

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Maddens Raiders3596d ago

prince of --> Lies?

Looks like GameStop hate all started around 2005-2006. Coincidentally, this is the same time that GS developed US=World disease. Just another reason why I have a Best Buy silver membership.

meepmoopmeep3596d ago

i like Gamestop/EB only for the exclusive stuff they get, like pre-order goodies or whatever.

if Best Buy gets the same stuff i tend to buy my games from there, though

deadreckoning6663596d ago

About a month ago, an GS employee gave me an attitude so I'm never going back again.

Darkstorn3596d ago

I always have the best experiences at small, Mom and Pop video game stores. Buying games at GameStop and Walmart simply isn't fun to do. Best Buy is slightly better, but I still have no sympathy for multinational corporations. Small businesses tend to have surprisingly good deals as well.

A Cupcake for Gabe3596d ago

I remember 5 years ago, I loved Gamestop because they were real gamers. EB, Funcoland, Rhino, EBX, Babbage's etc usually had a fat marketing degree owning, college douche behind the counter reading me a review off the computer when I ask about a game. So I went to the small hole in the wall that was Gamestop. Fast Fwd 5 years later. Gamestop name owns 75% of all video game stores in America. They monopolize the market and rip everyone off daily. They went from the best to the worst in a half a decade.

EVIL? No......Total Douches? YES

cyberwaffles3595d ago

i don't think they're evil, but they can be some grade A dumb f*cks sometimes. the one i go to has the most obnoxious employee i've ever seen. he talks crap about the game you're going to purchase if he doesn't like it and if you argue with him, he'll just talk forever until he finally gives up or you buy the damn game. i was trying to get infamous, but he said it sucked and that i should get batman instead, so i did it because i knew what was going to happen if i didn't comply. luckily, i was going to get the game eventually anyways. infamous will just have to wait.

he also pissed me off when a guy in front of me was asking whether he should get KZ2 or MW2, and the guy said something like you had to be brain dead to get KZ2.

i'm just glad i don't always see him since i rarely go to GS.

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Crazyglues3596d ago

Just business my Ass........

Trebius3596d ago

Lots of people would love to get some REAL value out of their recently purchased games...

They'll buy a game back from you for 3 dollars and put it on the shelf for 30.

Why not give you 10 of 15 for it?? We'd trade MUCH more often if that were the case.

If they reformed their whole trade-in value system i think we'd see some positive results all around.

Fulensenca3596d ago

I really think that GS is one of the worst thing in videogame industry.

I will keep to avoid GS.

Chris3993596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Other than a few incidents, I've always found GS (well "EB Games" here in Canada) rather pleasant and easy to deal with. Most of their trade in values are faily high compared to pawn shops and you can often get various specials on games and/ or hardware. Sure there's the occasional idiot fanboy working behind the counter, but I find them to be the exception, not the rule.

The people who work there aside, I don't get why there's so much animosity towards the company itself. They're a business, they're in it to make money. It's a consumer > retailer relationship. Nothing more. Walmart isn't any better, and if you want to talk in the scope of corporate responsibility and malfeasance, they're worse.

Baka-akaB3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

you had a few incidents , other had plenty . To each their experiences .

I can't say , i'll get over their tentatives to resell used games as new , and it's hardly an isolated cases , judging by the constant remarks about it ... among many other weird things .

Fulensenca3596d ago

Where I live GS ( I know 3 of them ) are full of fanboys working there who doesn' t have enough knowledge ( Example: they could easily compare Mirror' s Edge with Modern Warfare ... ).

Two of the guys that works there have been admonisced by their boss many times because they wants to sell only a kind of console and misspeaks everytime about the competition to the costumers.

You pay 70 Euros for a game, after a week ( or less ) they give you 30 Euros to get it back and after 10 minutes the game is on sale again for 54/60 ... I don' t know how Walmart works because here there isn' t their shops, but I think this is not fair.

AND the used market is ruinig the videogame market.

So why should I give my money to THIS kind of service?

This seems to be enough to me to avoid always GS. GS can go to hell.

PS: I hope I made myself understood because I know my English is pretty bad.

Chris3993596d ago

We're excessively polite :)

Fulensenca3596d ago

I bet you are right :)

But the main problem is that GS is not advantageous for the videogame industry ( used games are a pain for developers ), I know not everyone has enough money to buy all the new games he wants though.

Since I can afford to buy all the new games I want I will boycott GS & suchlike forever. I deeply love videogames ( I think some of them are truly art ) and I will do all I can in order to protect the sane part of this world ( expecially supporting good developers studios ).

cyberwaffles3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

things I hate about gamestop:

* it needs a cosmetic update. it looks so plain and tired.
* useless/nerdy employees. sometimes i would rather go to wal-mart and talk to some non-electronic savvy person to buy my games.
* all their specials and discounts are for used games only.
* if you do get a used game, you're risking the case being in terrible condition or worse yet, you get a generic case with some bullshit comic cover.
* 5 bucks off for used games? games that could be in bad condition or not worth the 55 bucks? i understand it's a business, but GS can still profit if they could at least take 10 dollars off the MSRP for used titles.
*sometimes they have a bad selection. couldn't believe there was only one copy NEW for demon's souls.
* terrible trade-in values. i've traded in some games that cost me 20 bucks when i originally bought it from GS and they turn around and only give me 99 cents for trade-in credit. goozex is the only place i trade games now.
* did i mention useless/nerdy employees? sometimes they're cool and can hook you up, sometimes you couldn't ask them the time because they're so clueless.

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NateNater3596d ago

The only time I go to GS is to use a gift card someone gave me. Their deals there are lame anyway. Selling used games for $5 cheaper than the new version? Please, give me a break.

spektical3596d ago

GS is only bad at selling "new" games, especially since they are opened already.... anyways i buy used games because its a bargain, and since when is a video game disc a bigger commodity than a book, cd, etc. Its not people, so get over it.

No FanS Land3596d ago

I don't know where you see new unsold games already opened. I always bought my games in its original plastic wrapping.

Harry_Manback3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

GS has tried selling me "new" opened games before.

Screw em, I'll stick with Amazon.

spektical3596d ago

i put new in quotes, because its not new. lol, thats were GS/EB games screw you over, It should be treated like a used game and thus should be cheaper.

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