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This is another retro-style 2D shooter for the PSN and probably the harshest one yet. Your space-ship handles similarly to games of yesteryear like Thrust and Gravitar. If this means nothing to you, it's like a hockey puck slowly sliding across the ice, with little thrusts to control changes in direction. The game's enjoyable to look at in a minimalist way, with its simple yet striking visual style of solid lines making up the maps and lighting them up with a neon glow.

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nogolis3598d ago

Gravity Crash is one of the best games on the network, don't let anyone sway you from getting it. Not only is it one of the best games on the network, it also has more to offer you in way of replay value on features too. The game is a throw back to Solar Jet Man for the nes and it, like it's older brother, is hard as hell. With a little learning curve learned you'll find the game is a blast to play and your 10 bucks was well spent. The game looks appealing with its vector style graphics and the neon colors remind you of a classic arcade game.

PSN produces a lot of games... a few are good... a lot bad... Some are exceptional. This is one of those games. I absolutley loved it and if you're a retro gamer, like myself. One who grew up with Galaga and life force and Gradius and Solar Jetman, this is your game.

bggriffiths3598d ago

Glad to see someone enjoyed it. I thought the replay value was messed up a bit because you can't immediately replay a level to try and collect everything. Gorgeous to look at though and the editor is a cool piece of kit.

You're not telling me that landing the ship couldn't have been just a little easier though! I think I lost more lives trying to save people than the walls getting me.

You should try PixelJunk shooter too if you like this, athough you might find it too easy. My favourite PSN game of 2009 maybe.

3598d ago