Blu-TV brings interactive IPTV to disc players, starting with the BDP-83

"Dreamer has finally found a partner in its Blu-ray powered IPTV fantasy now that Blu-TV has debuted on the OPPO BDP-83. As the company envisions it, once loaded, it turns your BD-Live capable Blu-ray player into a video and interactive content gateway anyone can develop apps for once the SDK is released. Already powering an IPTV service in Korea, we got a quick demo of the software running on a PS3 in Dreamer's CES booth and flipped through a quick selection of online marketplaces, simple games and video services. We're not sure how many manufacturers will warm to the idea of opening up players currently limited to their choice of streaming services, but if the apps start to flow, having this as an embedded option could be a differentiating feature as player prices dive."

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whateva3598d ago

this could be really good for PS3 I just hope there is a way to get the PS-Eye to work with this so they can have Skype as 1 of the apps.

Takoulya3598d ago

This looks fantastic. An obvious copy of the Apple App Store, but a great move, nonetheless. I really hope this spreads and becomes as big as the App store. If this could expand to the PSP, too, a phenomenon this could become.