BeefJack: Dragon Ball Z: Have We Had Enough?

BeefJack Writes: I can't remember my introduction to anime and while I consider myself a fan, I'm by no way a dedicated one. I have some strong ties to the genre though. Akira for example, my favourite film and the graphic novel is – as far as I'm concerned – the greatest story ever conceived by mankind. Yes Ghost in the Shell, Armitage, FLCL all amazing pieces of cinema and of course Dragon Ball Z. I grew up with the series, every day I'd come home from school and watch the double bill along with my brother.

The Freza saga is an astonishing piece of narrative, one that became quite emotionally powerful at one point. I was indeed gripped by the series, and still to this day hold high regards for it. However, you're at BeefJack and you're not here to hear about cinema. No as you'll probably be well aware the Dragon Ball series has had quite a few video game spin-offs and in recent years some feel they've lost their steam.

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mrwiggles3600d ago

Really liked this article! Perhaps it's because I'm an ole skool DBZ fan

3600d ago
Cyrus3653599d ago

Never was a big dragon ball fan, though some of friends were huge Dball fans.