Twenty Rampaging Godzilla: Unleashed screens for the Wii

If you've been itching for the chance to take over control of giant monsters and rampage over cities, then Godzilla: Unleashed is perfect for you. It doesn't hurt that the guys at Pipeworks Software have made the game so darn hot.

Godzilla: Unleashed is slated to be out this year on two other platforms, the PlayStation Portable and the Nintendo DS. While waiting for the release date, why not take some time viewing the screenshots of the game?

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Firewire4731d ago

looks horrible, almost lost my lunch because of it. Wii sux!

PS360WII4731d ago

wow. You know what really is horrible? the fact that only 3 people are ignoring you! I can't ignore anyone because comments like this just make me laugh ^^ Keep up the good work Firewire

ITR4730d ago

Add one more to that list.

When does N4G update again?

ItsDubC4730d ago

What do trolls eat for lunch anyway?