Mare Nostrum media storm

The Mare Nostrum dev team have just released pictures of both their textured British and Australian infantry along with the M4A1 Sherman tank. They are also are showcasing 3 new maps: Tobruk Central, Akaba and Fallen Empire.

There is much more media on the Mare Nostrum website:

They have also produced the latest version of the Tunis Telegraph with a more in-depth look - well worth a read.

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pishi4241d ago

Looking Good, Keep up the good work.

DirtyRat4240d ago

yeh this looks sweet, better than CoD2!

Omega_Rex4240d ago

Fantastic update! The media is made of awesome XD

daschewy4240d ago

This game is looking really cool, I cant wait to get a chance to play it.

Harvey4240d ago

Great quailty models and skins.

This looks great, can't wait to see more updates

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