Championship Sprint Review : This is officially the worst reason to own a PS3.

Championship Sprint has now hit the PlayStation Network as a downloadable title for the PlayStation 3, though obviously without the wheel. What's left is an extremely simple game that doesn't contain the main draw the title was designed around, leaving it almost entirely pointless. Only a lifeless (and laggy) multiplayer game has been added to the mix, which means there aren't any save points, no ending and again, little to no point.

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Diselage4740d ago

What a glowing review, i guess when it's crap it's crap.

TruthHurts4740d ago

its not very good.

not a reason not to own a ps3, just don`t download it.

_insane_cobra4740d ago

Nobody said it's a reason not to own the PS3, no need for you to jump into your defensive mode.

toniez74740d ago

Midway is pissing me off with these half a$$ PSN attempts.

I hope they realize, that all there doing is ruining there good name.

VaeVictus4740d ago

Hopefully, the Atari rehashes will no longer make it to the PSN w/ the exception of Food Fight.

PS360WII4740d ago

heh I wasn't even thinking of downloading this title but thanks for the heads up

devi8i4740d ago

Ironman Stewart's Super Off-Road FTW!!!!!!!!

SmokeyMcBear4740d ago

agreed, man countless hours and quarters playing that game, make it also usable with a wheel. That game rocks

BitbyDeath4739d ago

definetly, i totally forgot about that game... hmmm i wonder if i can download it on pc

xg-ei8ht4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Na u just use mame if u want to play this,lmao.

Same as every other old title.

I used to play super sprint when i was about 16 i think, in the arcade, was a laugh when playing against someone else.

Bombjack was my fav, along long time ago.

there u go/

But mame uses a games rom. Therefore it is no port, it is the real game, thats the beauty of it.

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