QJ Preview - Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom

The first game in the Untold Legends franchise, Brotherhood of the Blade debuted as a PSP launch title and gave gamers their very first taste of action RPG combat on Sony's handheld wonder. Earlier this year, the game was followed by a sequel titled The Warriors Code, which sought to improve on its predecessor in just about every way possible. With new combos, a stronger, more engaging storyline, sharper graphics and a more unique art style, Warriors Code did just that. Now Sony Online Entertainment are bringing the Untold Legends universe to Sony's brand new PlayStation 3, we sat down with Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Senior Designer John Troy, and designer Amanda Flock to chat about their upcoming PS3 launch title, here's what they had to say.

specialguest6157d ago

though not as beautiful as Heavenly Sword, this game is turning out better looking than what i originally thought. the screenshots when blown up to its original hi-res. size looks good. aside from the graphics, i just hope it plays well and not just another hack and slash game.