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Havok's place in the games industry is almost unrivaled and no doubt enviable. With its Physics code widely used around the world, a second Animation product out and its Behaviour AI software currently in beta, it's the perfect example of the world of Middleware 2.0. Michael French catches up with CEO Dave O'Meara...

A few months back we wrote about the world of Middleware 2.0, with developers favouring modular technology solutions. As one of the middleware market leaders, how do you think the market and model for that has developed?

With the new generation of consoles – and particularly on the PS3 – things have really taken off because it's a difficult and complex architecture, but a brilliant one to have at your disposal and get a game right for. So the number of PS3 titles we are on is growing very quickly. In terms of physics, studios definitely want that approach to the business so they don't have to rely on such technology to be made in-house. What studios want is risk minimization and to be confident that there is help if they need it. This hasn't happened overnight, though. It wasn't until 2003, particularly with the release of things like Half-Life 2, that it really made itself work. Also, I think it's a great model for new middleware companies to break into because the customer wants to know that technology is financially viable and stable and that you won't run off or be signed up to just one publisher. There are a lot of things to do with resiliance and reliability, which means new companies can step in to offer that.

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Xtrm L1481L1TY5725d ago

Crackdown uses Havok and it sucks. Nothing special I can tell you that.

Yo Wassap5725d ago

Seems good to me, if you've seen any of the videos or played crackdown (the demo) you would not have made that comment. The engine can handle the huge explosions with ease.

power of Green 5725d ago (Edited 5724d ago )

You would think that you havn't even played the game judging by your comment. Not liking the game is one thing but to say the physics suck is like saying I can't tell the difference between Excite Bike and MotoStorm.

Come on bro i was shooting at walls and killing badies across the street after i found the angle needed, After my super car was blown up while driving at 100mph all the peices still were moving in the direction i was moving before it blew after that i picked up one of the tires and was bouncing it off wall and killing badies with it, i would get up high and drop the tire and it bounced just as a real tire would in every way untill it stoped.

DJ5725d ago

with version 4.5. Something like 5~10 times the performance of a typical triple-core CPU. (their figures, not mine)

power of Green 5724d ago

I'll read it again i though they said 5 to 10 times of current PS3 titles

DJ5724d ago

Its performance was the same as the Xbox 360's CPU (triple-core PC chip). Now they're getting 5-10x greater performance. It has to do with the SPEs kicking ass at SIMD code, that's all.