Two Resident Evil 4 Wii gameplay videos

Another two Resident Evil 4 Wii gameplay videos have appeared on the net. This popular horror game is expected to be launched on the twenty-ninth of June.

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Leon Kennedy4238d ago

I guess this game is censored. I didn't see any decapitations, even after Leon got chainsawed at the end. Strange that the guys at EGM didn't mention this in their review.

Leon Kennedy4238d ago

Oh, yeah. Was that music just for the video or was that in-game music? All I remember was that "Psycho" stuff every time there was an enemy - truly disturbing.

ItsDubC4238d ago

As stated before, only the Japanese versions of Resident Evil games (called Biohazard over there) are censored. It has always been this way to my knowledge.

Leon Kennedy4238d ago

Yeah, those were Japanese subtitles. Almost forgot.