What Makes Haze Different From Other Shooters?

As a sort of partner to the earlier post of Haze with a video interview with David Doak and some new gameplay footage, Eurogamer recently released part two of their interview with the very same David Doak. Their interview details completely different information, more on the developer's side of things rather than what the game is about. We'll summarize it to keep you from reading one topic for too long. Check it out after the jump!

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HyperBear4737d ago

This is by far not a PS3 exclusive. It is a timed exculsive, but in no way is it an exclusive for PS3. It will just come out on PS3 first in 2007, and on the PC and 360 later in 2008., but yea, I will be taking out gaming.

wolfgang4737d ago

Like HyperBear said : This is not a PS3 exclusive, so it does also belong under PC and 360. You must be confuse because of all the rumour about this game but we can't base the choose of channel on rumour of MGS4 and FF will also be listed under 360 and gears under PS3.

InMyOpinion4737d ago

What makes it different is all the hype surrounding the developers comments about Halo 3 being average. I think it looks ok, not great. Halo in the jungle, basically. Timeshift looks more interesting.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4737d ago

Not much you can do the FPS genre these days, most has already been done.


well i have never played a game that makes u shoot ya own teamm mates

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The story is too old to be commented.