Japanese Software Chart

The thrill of watching hundreds of metal balls fall from the top to the bottom of a pachinko machine is now being recreated, digitally, in the homes of tens of thousands of Japanese citizens, but with the added bonus of Neon Genesis Evangelion licensing. What a party.

Here are the top ten games sold in Japan courtesy of Media Create for the week of June 4th to the 10th.

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Diselage4777d ago

That DS is unstoppable over there it seems.

Bloodmask4777d ago (Edited 4777d ago )

There is no stopping the DS or the Wii in Japan.

BIadestarX4777d ago

I think Sony and microsoft will have to wait until the next gen... to have some hope of beating nintendo.

CrazzyMan4777d ago

Most of titles are for PS3, not wii. =)
When all, those titles released, nothing will able to stop ps3. =)

Kiko 94777d ago

"All what they need to wait for - are AAA games, just look Most Wanted Famitsu list. =) "

Just look at out many people want the ps3 and how many actually buy it. The demand is there but doesn't translate into sales.

CrazzyMan4777d ago

when those AAA titles will be released, they price won`t matter.
But, if you can wait till your most anticipated game is released and then buy a console by 100$ cheaper, WHY NOT?

Phantom_Lee4777d ago

Neon Genesis Evangelion is still poplar~ that anime is like 10 years old

PS360WII4777d ago

Neon Genesis Evangelion ^^

minus the standard anime ending of.. ummm not sure how to end this in only 2 episodes so lets make something up that doesn't help at all. This series is really awesome. That is if you like mechs operated by kids who have some serious mental issues and what-not.

Thou Berserk is still a weee bit better due to intense action ^^

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