GameSpot: Final Fantasy: Crystal Bearers Review

The amount of time it takes to reach the conclusion of The Crystal Bearers can vary wildly depending on how much combat you decide to bother with and how much time you spend trying to figure out how to get where you're going, but regardless of whether it takes you eight hours or 15, you won't enjoy most of that time. A game this beautiful, with an exciting, well-told story like this one, should have gameplay that makes you want to spend time in its world. But as dazzling as the characters and locations are, they can't hide the fact that the game just isn't fun to play.

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ChickeyCantor4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

User score says 8.3
GS says 5.5

Seems like you just have to play it.
And so will I, people should render their own verdict.

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