NBA 2K10 Patch Notes for January

The NBA 2k10 Patch is not live yet, but 2k has posted the details about what the patch will have.

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Dellis4221d ago

I have this for PS3 and I have fun with it, I play it casually and occasionally so maybe that is why I don't see the issues people who
play 12 minute games see.

Anyways it is good to see 2K patching it though

bunfighterii4221d ago

I play this game almost daily as I'm a huge ball fan and always been a fan of the NBA2k franchise- and I'll say this:

This game is glitch city. Before the first patch it was unplayable. Since it's been ok- but if you play full 12 minute quarters (48 minute games) like I do (in Association mode) you'll notice the sheer amount of issues that still plague 2k10 and make it the worse iteration in the franchise so far.

The game is still fun, I won't lie- but when some of the bigger glitches hit you mid game or in the clutch, it can totally ruin the experience and it frustrates the hell out of me- especially when it takes and hour to complete one game. I'm talking things like menus/stat trackers spontaneously coming up and obscuring the play for inordinate amounts of time, huge dips in framerate following time outs, shooting fouls somehow triggering the CPU to take over the play of your team so you can no longer control them, controller inputs, especially passes and shooting not registering etc etc. There really are too many to name and this is POST the first patch.

Also, this patch fix list addresses none of the huge issues affecting gameplay save a few. I think if the devs actually played their own game they'd realise what needs to be addressed.

4221d ago

ref still dumb after the patch . players head still shakes when you shoot free throws and have to call a time out . When the spot lights come on the players just doesnt do shlt . Other than that its a fun game