NBA 2K11’s Cover: An Attempt to Win Back Fans?

Eric Galaviz of Writes:

"There’s no doubting the fact that NBA 2K10 was a financial success last year, and for the most part was also a critical success. But what a lot of gamers found out about 2K10 right when they started playing the game was that it was full of technical problems. Was this expected? To some, yes. 2K Sports hasn’t had the greatest track record when it comes to polish and online play, but even the NBA 2K vets were shocked at how buggy the game was. So when the new cover was announced it got me thinking, was this just a way to make the game stand-out on the store shelves, or was this 2K’s way of saying “Hey, we’re sorry for last year, we have Jordon now and he’s cool right? This year is going to be totally different I promise. Isn’t Jordon awesome?” and then still give us a buggy game?"

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K-Tuck3059d ago

If you follow a series long enough, it becomes easy to be burned by one of the games.

Actually, sometimes you don't even have to follow the series very long before that happens.

blitz06233058d ago

well it certainly has won me back.

Bubble Buddy3058d ago

The guy spelled "Jordan" wrong...

Blaze9293058d ago

ROFL "Jordon" - epic fail. Reminds me of power ranger's Zordon.

dwightmccarthy3059d ago

Very true, though you don't expect to be burned by a leading sports franchise since they can simply put out the same shit every year with a roster update if what they want to take a year off.

DaReapa3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

I agree with the author's point and was thinking the same thing once I first heard about the Jordan cover. I did feel that it was an attempt to maintain strong sales following what could arguably be their worst two outings of the series in 2K9 and 2K10. 2K has been touting alot about overhauls and refinements. But I must say that this will be the first year of which I won't purchase an NBA 2K game on day one - or any day for that matter, unless 2K presents something more than just a glorified Jordan cover.

Dellis3059d ago

Win back fans???, this has been THE BEST NBA gaming since DREAMCAST, it has been the #1 rate/selling for decades now.

The Jordan situation is more of a thank you to the fans, who have supported the series and have always asked for MJ to be in the game, now he is along side historic teams.

theherp803058d ago

I think people have been asking to see Jordon in a game ever since he left the players association even before there was an 2K game. I think I wouldnt be alone when i say the fans would love having working Online Play more than they would want Jordon in a game.

cb4g3058d ago

It was a stuttering mess every time I tried it to play online. However, I've always felt that multiplayer for sports games were best played in the lounge room with a couple of friends. It's always fun to trash talk your best mate while having a couple of beers together.

At the same time, if you browse through the user-created content, such as players and teams, an astounding amount contain Michael Jordan, the Bulls or players from that era. So, it makes sense for 2K to give players what they want.

drdre743058d ago

Well I saw a online video interview and 2K said they are out sourcing the online mode this year to someone else to try and get it right. Online is still broken to this day. Out of 10 tries I may get 2 games to play then you have the butt wholes that wait until 10 secs on the clock see they are about to loose and pull the plug on the game.

John_McGuirk3058d ago

I see Jordan Spelled Jordon twice so

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The story is too old to be commented.