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4pocalyps34221d ago

can't wait for super street fighter 4

FiftyFourPointTwo4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

I hope they reveal the remaining characters already.

Dudley, Ibuki, Makoto, the newcomer Hakan, and the rumored "Shadow" who can use sonic booms.

Blaze9294221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

well keep waiting becuase they delayed that and a lot of their other games too.

I wanted to play Dead Rising 2 and Lost Planet 2 so bad. I think one of them was supposed to come out next month. Oh well

Baka-akaB4221d ago

ssf4 is probably only delayed till april or the middle of it .

Myst4221d ago

Three games I'd personally like to get my hands on are:
+Monster Hunter Tri
+Lost Planet 2
+Super Street Fighter IV.

ThanatosDMC4220d ago

Sadly, LP2 is going to be pushed back later. I hope they make it better with a ton more missions and what not. The demo was great but stuff about it made me worry like the whole deal with MH games in which you and your teammates can only see the same boss monster but not the same little creatures on the same space and time.

Why does Capcom keep designing they're MH games like that is beyond me since we can see the enemies in RE5 perfectly.

LP2 demo had me shooting a monster that my three teammates cant see while they're shooting at the same monster im shooting but all three in different places.

HOSe4221d ago


Cajun Chicken4221d ago

Oh hell yeah! I'm with you on that one!

nelsonkiki19884221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

me too but i wish capcom do 1 new dino crisis :(

RufustheSage4221d ago

They're bringing back Magic Sword?!! With Final Fight!! Great news.

djtek1844221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

off topic: guys if your into trading stocks, I highly recommend buying XDSL shares. This company is powering the lights for CES in Vegas and has won awards for their 20 years shelf life battery. Their volume for this pass couple of days has reached over 25 million with a price jump of nearly 45%. Very cheap only $ .031 as of today 1/5/10.

on topic: bring back Omnimushi!!

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