Capcom Should Just Remake Resident Evil 5 While They're At It

Following the success of Resi 4, Resident Evil 5 represents arguably the most interesting chance to redo a Resident Evil game since the GameCube.

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-Foxtrot65d ago

Code Veronica first
Then the original RE
Then RE 0
Then Outbreak

After that RE5…as long as they change it heavily and remove co-op so people playing solo aren’t plagued with a bad AI, less tension, scares and awful “work together to open this door” parts.

jaymacx65d ago

I agree 100% I do think Capcom has found the right formula for RE now.

-Foxtrot65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

And it would be a damn shame for them to do RE5 exactly how it was where history would repeat its self

Then next thing you know we’ll have another RE6

Just sad people asking for co-op when they knew what happened

Ask for an Outbreak game where co-op makes sense rather than cramming it into a main game where the horror/survival elements were sucked out

thesoftware73065d ago


5 was my favorite besides RE1; Remake(pure bliss at the time)

-Foxtrot65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Code Veronica was better that RE5

It actually felt more like a RE game

Not just an action co-op game where the series started to go downhill

gangsta_red65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Code Veronica absolutely, the original RE has already had a remake tho, I like to think that is what kicked off the RE Remake craze.

RE 0 needs to be done just as bad as Code Veronica.

Outbreak is a must, especially with online being a standard. Back when it first came out, having an online connection to your PS2 was a rare commodity

-Foxtrot65d ago

It’s been 20 years since the original RE and if they work on it now or do Code Veronica next it’ll be like 25 years or so before we get it

Plenty of time to re-do it

gleepot64d ago

Re1 was remade 20 years ago, it didn't kick off anything.

Re7 was the first game to use the RE engine, which then was used to remake 2.

gangsta_red64d ago

"Re7 was the first game to use the RE engine, which then was used to remake 2."

And they went with a remake of part 2 because they already remade the first Resident Evil.

thesoftware73065d ago

I would like the straight jump to 5 please.

They did, 2, 3, 4. ..lets not break the pattern.

AnotherGamer65d ago

I think they should leave Re remake and Zero alone, they're still perfectly fine. Re5 on the other hand, needs a major makeover.

goldwyncq65d ago

Do CV then 5. The first RE already got a remake that still holds up well and I don’t care much about the other 2.

NovusTerminus65d ago

I just want Co-op in the Mercs mode.

gleepot64d ago

CV first would be great. No thanks to outbreak or zero.

5 is one of the greatest co-op games ever made, but we live in different times now where couch co-op doesn't really exist and integrating online play would be a mess.

But AI co-op should remain. The AI in re4make is great. I do hope the focus is on horror, though. The same tone as re4make would be perfect.

Starman6964d ago

Code Veronica still my fav 👌

Neonridr64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

I agree that we need remakes of 0, 1 and Code Veronica before we start getting to any of the newer stuff. Code Veronica is probably the most hurting for a remake.

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Lore65d ago

Would love me some high quality Resi Co-Op

thesoftware73065d ago


And the Merc mode on 5 Remake/updated would be super fun.

rpvenom65d ago

Same, I really enjoyed playing through this with a friend. Good times.

FortWaba65d ago

What a stupid article. Of course RE5 is getting a remake. They all are, releasing on alternating years with mainline titles.

We'll likely get RE9 (RE IX?) in the next 24 months, and then a remake by the B-team on the following year.

Code Veronica is the most requested remake now that re4 is out, so I'm guessing they might go that way.

I hope RE5 includes the coop, which was a blast.

However, the game in the franchise that needs a remake the most is 6. That game was very ambitious, but very flawed. Crapcom is gone, and CapGod is back, so I think if they were to tackle it again, it would be aces.

onisama65d ago

Resident evil 5 is my 2nd favorite in the series i dont get the hate it received at the time, i will replay it since your remind me thanks

Levii_9264d ago

It gets the hate because it’s like a Michael Bay action movie compared to what came before and a lot of things were worse and not as good as Re4 and then Re6 is like a parody of a Michael Bay action movie.

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