Dissidia Final Fantasy Spotted For Xbox 360 & PS3

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "This tip was sent in by one of our fans today. Didn't even know this was in the works but apparently info appeared in a Japanese gaming publication, probably Famitsu."

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N4PS3G3676d ago

Dissidia for ps3 and 360.... ohh hiphopgamer...when will you get something right?

btw good news i suppose!

3676d ago
Saaking3676d ago

Eh, if it's multiplat I'll have to wait and see.

Blaze9293676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

YES YES YES OH GOD YES! This is GREAT News!!!!....if true >_>


What the hell does it being multi-plat have to do with anything? For all you know this could be a digital release for Xbox LIVE Arcade and PSN - not some top notch disc based game.

FiftyFourPointTwo3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

If true, I want some additional characters.

EDIT: Noctis please!!!!!!

BadboyCivic3603676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

How about some Kingdom Hearts while you at it?

Reibooi3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

The whole idea behind Dissdia was awesome but it needed to be on consoles. For a few reasons. Mainly because it's easier to have a fighting game on a console and 2nd bigger and better visuals.

Lets face it Dissidia was a game to make you just go wow at the insane action on screen and using something like the crystal tools engine to do it would make the game a visual feast.

While I don't' really think this is real or even likely to happen It would be awesome if it were true. It seems to fast to be real as SE last we knew were somewhat skeptical that the series would ever continue.

AridSpider3676d ago

Yeah, becuase handhelf ports are TOTALLY limited by the xbox 360 ¬_¬


Some people, like Saaking, are just sad.

Anyway, great news if true.

3676d ago
egm_hiphopgamer3676d ago

Wow doesn't this sound familiar

Final Fantasy Fighting Game For PS3 check out the link to the show that was dated 11/29/09 1luv and god bless everyone


Noctis Aftermath3676d ago

If this is true i will be buying it, dissidia looked really good but i don't own a psp, if someone who is able to read japanese can confirm what it says that would be great.

@HHG: nice job on calling it, did you have sources or just guess that it would be coming out?

Eamon3676d ago

LOL at Hiphopgamer. Kudos for actually getting a correct rumour

Disccordia3676d ago

I thought it would not be possible to bring it to the 360, as people on here are very quick to remind us that Sony owns some kind of publishing rights to FF7. (and therefore, presumably the characters) If this is true though, I wish SE would bring Crisis Core to PS3 first.

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PirateThom3676d ago

I tried the demo of Dissidia, seemed pretty cool... I'd probably wait for a console version if it came though.

Dellis3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Uncle Phil with the breaking news!

A port of the PSP version would be nice, so expect that.

[email protected]3676d ago

Hmmmm, its this maybe one of the project than Nomura-san mentioned on his last interview... how knows probably yes.

Blackcanary3676d ago

of them not the big one but i think ur right when u say one of them.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

But he said that it was a tittle that many people were anticipating... How can you anticipate something that you don't even have an idea that could exist? The FFVII remake or Kingdom Hearts 3 rumors are understandable but this Dissidia game?

Where's that news again? So many articles are submitted in N4G daily that's it is a mess when you're looking for something old.

kvg883676d ago

I can't help but think that this is false.

Hopefully its true though! lol

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The story is too old to be commented.