TGR: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band DLC Review

TGR writes: "Sgt Pepper's was an important LP, a defining albums of the sixties and my personal favorite from the Beatles' catalog. It serves as a primer, a masterclass of sorts, of pop music in the second half of that decade, initially taking the listener through the saccharine basslines of "A Little Help From My Friends" before moving onto strains of the psychedelic (Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds), vaudeville (When I'm Sixty-Four) and oriental (Within You Without You). All of these styles were gaining traction in the period, mainly because the Fab Four brought them into mainstream pop. With the Sgt. Pepper's DLC pack, your 1080 Microsoft points net you eight of the album's eleven tracks, restoring everything left off of the Beatles: Rock Band disk. Simply having the songs is an achievement in itself--mainly because of the band's disdain for digital formats--but that doesn't necessarily make them fun to play."

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