Red Alert 3 currently unplayable online through Steam

Those who bought Red Alert 3 during Steam's holiday sale are finding themselves with a partially useless game purchased at an admittedly excellent price. Steam users report that the downloaded copies of Red Alert 3 don't include serial numbers, which the game requires for online play.

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artsaber4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

No online huh? That sucks for some, I am more of a campaigner myself. I like the Red Alert games, they are fun.

acere4223d ago

i dont buy games tru steam, when the system goes down ....
only game that i own css, and play daily

TheIneffableBob4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

Yeah... Joystiq has their facts mixed up again.

GameSpy's system is at fault, not Valve's.

divideby04223d ago

GearBox also blamed GameSpy for the disaster called Borderlands on the PS3

Valve and GB should take it on the chin..They both sold stuff that dont work and blame the servers run by another company....

TheIneffableBob4223d ago

EA makes Red Alert 3, not Valve.

mrv3214223d ago

Valve the only company to succesfully outsell online games.

HOW THE HELL DO YOU outsell online games?

I do like steam but seeinh as my I play League of Legends ONLY I don'y see myself buying stuff from steam for a WHILE.

dgroundwater4223d ago

Being sold out of an downloadable title is simple. The publisher gives Steam 100,000 keys and they sell them all. :o

4223d ago