Virginmedia : Bayonetta Review

For all its gameplay brilliance, Bayonetta is not perfect. For many the cutscenes (especially those that resemble comic panels) and general almost comedic storytelling will feel at odds with the visceral combat, while the voice acting varies from excellent to downright cheesy. The lollipop concocting screen, where you can create new lollies by mixing collected items, is clunky, the Gates of Hell store requires an obscene amount of rings to buy the best new attacks, and the way one of the main NPCs speaks is so annoying I felt like skipping most of his cutscenes. Small criticisms, but the game just didn't gel together quite as well as I'd have liked.

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Son_Lee4227d ago

I'm still on the fence about this one. It will be a rental either way. I enjoyed the demo, but I'm worried the game is repetitive, and lack of story would throw this title off a bit for me. Still, if it stays fresh throughout, count me in. I just don't want this to be a "better" version of Wet.