Rumor: First 'Fallout: New Vegas' info

Gamefaqs forums: "Learned from a trusted source that Fallout New Vegas information is coming "very soon." It's going to be Gameinformer's next cover. This is the information in the magazine:"

- "Similar to Dragon Age: Origins, at character creation the player can select from different background stories. The first few hours of the game are different depending on which background you choose, and you get some unique perks based on your background when the main game begins."


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Solans Scott4221d ago

Sounds very promising indeed. The first Fallout had me hooked and I know that if this information is correct, this one will too.

ThanatosDMC4221d ago

I wonder if it's going to be as big as Fallout 3 or look like Fallout 3. Bathesda's open world games are awesome. I just hope they dont copy Borderlands or the like (that other Borderlands like game that will come out) and have to load every time you move to a different area.

I hope they dont step down on the graphics, open worldness, looting, hunting, etc. Also, gameplay has to be 100+ hours without touching the main quest like in Fallout 3.

Yeah, i loved Fallout 3 and Dog Meat.

Mikeyy4220d ago


Yeah, I loved Fallout 3 also, and Oblvion.

My only gripe with Fallout 3 is that there isnt a bunch of usable towns to goto like in Oblvion. Althought I do love Fallout's Random event grid system.

In all I found myself spending much more hours playing Oblivion than Fallout 3.

Oblivion was just insane perfection, that game was a sleeper hit to me, I just rented it one day, and Bam, I own the PS3 Goty and PC versions.

I just wish PS3 would get the Bloodgrass Glitch fixed.

Had Obvlion had an XP system in it, the epicness would just blow all our minds off.


I hope they make some changes to the engine and stuff. don't get me wrong, fallout 3 looked great and i loved some of the effects with VATS, but the animation could have been a lot better. will be interesting to see what they do with it.

solidt124221d ago

Agreed. The only flaw in the game was the character animations looked very stiff, but not a biggy. The game is epic.

RadientFlux4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

Hopefully but I doubt it as Obsidian have proven in the past that they aren't the best developer when it comes to graphics, but they are one of the top developers when it comes to storyline.

Which is probably why I'm more looking forward to Fallout : New Vegas then I did with Fallout 3.

Mozilla894221d ago

So if Obsidian is working on this, what is Bethesda working on, another Elder Scrolls game?

ThanatosDMC4221d ago

I hope the next Elder Scroll with better fighting mechanics. Hopefully, i get to joust with my horse like in Mount and Blade.

Tony P4221d ago

Morrowind was probably the best for me. You can't teleport everywhere, but fast travel merchants will take you to the major cities. I liked that they gave you physical directions to some places based upon the terrain. More of that. Much more immersive than Oblivion and Fallout's teleport anywhere.

As for Obsidian... the rumors sound promising. I hope they bring their own flair and don't try to be Bethesda-lite.

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Jsynn74221d ago

I like that there'll be vehicles. I didn't like teleporting to much because I wanted to explore but I also didn't like running around the wasteland. I hope see more on this game soon.

ThanatosDMC4221d ago

And hopefully the scope of the game is not as small as Borderlands with its vehicles.

4221d ago
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