OXCGN's Darksiders Review: Mythological Gods & WAR Reign Supreme


"With 2009 having now ended we look to 2010 and see what games to excite us are on their way to make us want to spend what money we have left after Christmas. What better way to start off 2010 than with Vigil Games' Darksiders (ex-Darksider: Wrath Of WAR) which releases in the 2nd week of January – 8th Jan 2010."

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gaminoz4231d ago

Hmmm this one or Bayonetta or Dante's Inferno?????

Too many hack n' slash releases at once, and this seems to happen a lot: similar games released at or near the same time and then there is a drought.

Heard good things though about this one.

Chris3994231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

More open-world. Interesting atmosphere. It's the developer's first real outing (and it's a good one, by all accounts, so I'd rather support them). It's like a Legend of Zelda for a darker audience (complete with puzzles and exploration).

Bayonetta if you like DMC. Dante's if you like GOW. To each their own, I guess, but Darksider's seems to have the most original premise and execution of the three games.

Immortal Kaim4231d ago

After reading reviews and watching videos of Darksides, it is so much more than a simple hack'n'slash, and for me personally the pick of the bunch out of those games mentioned.

Any similarities to one of the greatest franchises in gaming history (of course I mean Zelda), is a big plus for me. Can't wait to get this.

On another note, has anyone read/heard about any major differences between the 360/PS3 versions?

XboxOZ3604231d ago

I'd pick this one over Bayonetta ANY dy, the game looks terrible, and the gameplay looks just like every other cheap hack-n-slash (Bayonetta).

Darksiders and Dante's Inferno leave that one for dead,

BadCircuit4231d ago

Darksiders sounds like a good game, it may be worth getting.

Zomboid-G4231d ago

I preordered it today:)

Godem4231d ago

as everyone else here.. i dont know which game to buy on the 7th

BadCircuit4231d ago

I really don't know why publishers do this to themselves...

XboxOZ3604230d ago

Mostly they have very little choice, as the aim is to release games during "known purchasing periods", not periods where the punters generally do not buy. So they are funneled into certain periods during the year, with the main aim of securing the best possible public attention they can.

So it's up to their promotional team top make sure the game gets as much attention as possible, and ranks above the others on the major sites, so that it becomes more popular.

BadCircuit4230d ago

Well it's just a shame they are such similar type games!