Shadow of Mordor Is This Generation’s Darksiders

Hardcore Gamer: It’s clear as day that Shadow of Mordor lifts its gameplay mechanics from games like Assassin’s Creed and Batman: Arkham Asylum. From the design of the environments to the animations themselves, this game is all-too-familiar. However, like another acclaimed series, Shadow of Mordor proves that creativity isn’t necessarily required to make a great game, and speaks volumes about gamers’ views on innovation.

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The Meerkat2400d ago

I keeping my fingers crossed that this generations Darksiders will be Darksiders 3.

wotta2400d ago

Couldn't agree more. I want more Darksiders.

Spenok2400d ago

Lol exactly. Nordic Games bought up the franchise, and out of all of them this is the best choice for another game. Both were fantastic, and sold decently as well. I imagine it will eventually make a come back.

However on the topic of SoM. This game is fantastic, I've been having a blast with the new photo mode too. Can't stop playing it. Working toward the platinum now.

nX2400d ago

Much better, Darksiders was shovelware.

RG_Dubz2400d ago

Exactly, these casuals just don't know.

LAWSON722400d ago

In your opinion, I love Darksiders

WitWolfy2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

I dunno Darksiders was a MASSIVE game, SOM is more an open world with AC elements as inspiration.

KentBlake2400d ago

IMO, Shadow of Mordor is much better. And I finished and enjoyed both Darksiders games (although I think DS2 was a little too long).

Systemshock22400d ago

Mordor has QTe all over with QTE fights like gow.
Xray vision missions, highlight everything.(Arkham ripoff)
Combat from Arkham.
Other bits from Asscreed.
All of these handholding stuff made the game too non-gamey,
with same LOTR lore beaten to death.

Darksiders copied Zelda and gow, but was challenging , hard and had really clever puzzles with better story.

DS was way better IMO.

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