Gaming Today… Too Easy?

Jenifer from Explicit Gamer gives a solid case for why games have become WAY too easy in the past generation of gaming. While games as a whole are clearly (to any gamer from the 90's or earlier) getting easier, she pinpoints the top 5 trends in gaming that are responsible.

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alphakennybody4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

KZ2 and its terrific AI might turn your opinions on the need of close checkpoint especially on elite difficulty, played MW2 wouldn't call it difficult really. Demon's Souls might be the game you're looking for and hopefully more games like it will start pop in up soon.The only check point are after beating a boss or at the very beginning of the lvl, when you die you go into what's called soul form and lose half of your life until you reclaim you body by defeating a boss, helped someone defeat one or invade someone's world and kill em. There's also item burden anything you carry has a weight and you have a weight restrictions which and have direct impact on your movement and probably one the best thing is all in one currency system so for each character you choose you can't fill all attributes ( int,stam,strgh,etc) in one play-through and also doubles as you upgrade em so you have to choose carefully in which direction you're going, either either straight up ranger or melee and also wich weapon/armor to upgrade. of course certain class allows you both but you still need to restrain of some attributes. You can fill em al after each play-through but the enemies becomes twice as fierce than your previous play-through. Almost forgot, enemies can kill with one or two well placed hits doesn't matter what enemy even the wkeast looking can easily make you lose thousand of collected souls from carelessness.

GUCommander4223d ago

I second the vote for Demon's soul. Honestly, it is the only game this past year that had the difficulty found in older games that made us happy and angry gamers at the same time. I remember playing Contra for NES. Even with the code that game was hard to complete, but without getting THIRTY extra lives the game was almost impossible.

mfwahwah4223d ago

Demon's Souls is amazing.

If you die in body form you get half health. If you die in body form again the world tendency turns black making enemies STRONGER.

FINALLY a game that teaches you to get good or get the **** out.

BattleAxe4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

Killzone 2 is hard as hell on difficult. I'm hesitant to try it on Elite. Also if you want to try something hard and frustrating, play CoD: WaW on Veteran.

There are too many people in the gaming media and on N4G that seem to think that the last gen was better and harder, but I don't think that could be further from the truth.

peeps4223d ago

"hard and frustrating, play CoD: WaW on Veteran."

i'd agree with that but not cus the game/ai were good, but cus ur teammates where useless and the ai didn't behave realisticaly (wtf cant spell that haha)

e.g. i was in a bunker in some trenches stocking up on ammo and my teammates were outside in the trench. an enemy kamikazi sprinted right past my teammates in the trench, not caring about them at all and them not caring about him and came into the bunker almost taking me out. it's like the ai soley focused on my and not the other ppl who were out to kill him lol (except of course they didnt cus their ai is stupid :p)

BattleAxe4223d ago

Its the endless grenades that piss me off the most. I got about half way through the game on VET and decided that I wasn't having much fun. The online part of WaW was good though.

OrganicMachine4223d ago

thanks to the well designed aiming of the guns, the game is playable without the crosshair and hud. and it makes it very immersive.

Playing elite forcefully turns your hud and crosshair off with the exception of certain guns and turrets when you aim down on their sights(like the helgan LMG). The A.I. won't feel cheap like in Call of duty games but they are smarter and realistically faster compared to their downgraded versions on lower difficulties.

nogolis4223d ago

I grew up in the Nes era. Gaming today is too easy, believe me. A couple tries on Ninja Gaiden's last level after the Bloody Moth or some Silver Surfer or some Ghost N' Goblins will send you crying back to your Ps3's and xbox 360's.

OrganicMachine4223d ago

Dante must Die mode on Devil May Cry 3 original retail version. OH man,till this day I haven't beaten the Cerberus yet as the muscles of my thumbs hurt. Too bad now my taste for DMC has been tainted thanks to filth that is DMC4

gano4223d ago

90's and nin/sega. wizards and warriors kicked my ass.
Actraiser FTMFW

NexGen4223d ago

8 bit Castlevania was a pain on the final stage. If you even made it to the end, you were usually almost dead and it was hopeless anyway.

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