Jack Thompson - American Hero

Jack Thompson is's hero. It's not often that a thoughtful and intelligent person takes up the task of protecting our children from the ruthless nature of capitalism. Further, it's not often that someone faces quite so much hatred and animosity on a topic bespeaking of such verisimilitude

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JsonHenry4737d ago

Lol, too true.

Seriously though - this is the parents job. Not the government. Not the FCC. Not the store selling the merchandise. Not some lawyer trying to make a name for himself.

This is solely on the parents shoulders. Or at least that is where it should be.

ericnellie4737d ago

If there is an issue with kids playing violent games the issue is with the parents! Not the game makers! If parents took the time to educate themselves on their own kids interests/hobbies (instead of being lazy), then this wouldn't be an issue. Does anyone else agree with me?

sovietsoldier4737d ago

Jack Thompson - American Hero! more like american zero!

Diselage4737d ago

Yeah i really don't know where he's coming from, just because he can take an unfounded stance on a subject and then put up with the backlash does not make someone a hero.

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The story is too old to be commented.