Cleaner computers? Industry to cut carbon

A coalition of technology companies and environmental groups launched an initiative Tuesday to conserve electricity and curb global warming emissions by making the world's computers and servers more energy-efficient.

The Climate Savers Computing Initiative, organized by Internet search leader Google and computer chip maker Intel, sets ambitious industry targets to ramp up the energy efficiency of computing gear over the next four years.

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toniez74779d ago

We've had access to zero point energy for almost 20yrs.

Were able to make fossil fuel free cars, hell you can make your own car fuel efficient for very little money (Google Joe cell).

When will the lies and deceptions end?

Diselage4779d ago

Hey at least they are starting to turn things around.

Rooted_Dust4779d ago

Beware the day when Environmentalism becomes a religion. You'll be taxed just for breathing.